Galaxy S7 Release Date, Specs, Features and Concept

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Samsung Galaxy S7 : Get all the updates about “Galaxy S7 Release Date, Specs, Features, Price and Concept Images”. Galaxy S6 has been launched in “March 2015” with a great pump and show. So, the next roll is on Samsung Galaxy S7 and it will mesmerize you geeks and lovers this month of 2016 which has been always been pretty interesting for the smartphone industry and specially for the giant smartphone company Samsung. As we all know that recently released Galaxy Note 4 was a big success for the company and the company is constantly trying to increase the profit by releasing some smartphones in the ”Beast Category”.
So Making the first note on Galaxy S6 which is coming in few days and the next BIG Emphasis is on the “Galaxy S7”. It will also fall in this same “Beast” category and would be a great launch for the company.

Samsung Fans are expecting more from the company and specially when it comes to Galaxy S6 and S7. The fans are expecting much new features to surprise them, But on the last 2-3 launches they have failed to bring much new and exciting features to impress audience but still the company has managed to get impressive sales.
Obviously if they can do something more better it would be really great. This time we are expecting something great but we can’t say that surely these all are rumors which are on fire about the smartphone.
Coming to the announcing date of the smartphone that is expected to be January 2015 while we are expecting the release date to be in February – March 2016. So we will have for an optimum long time to see the Galaxy S7.
Lets explore the Galaxy S series a bit. It all started a long ago when Samsung announced the Galaxy S series and that was a turning point of the company when it got huge profits and Android changed the lives. Samsung was very much famous at that time and every 1 out of 10 human in the world owned a Samsung device. But slowly slowly a lot of Smartphone manufacturing companies that came into market and effected the sales of Samsung very much but still Samsung owns a big part of this industry and creating hype in the market.
Galaxy S7 Release Date, Features and Concept Video

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Bypass iCloud iPhone 4 | Work 100% Step by Step

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This guide is almost same as deleting the and bypassing the activation screen, the new thing is that you have to copy few system files form the downloads and overwrite them in your iPhone. The technique is to add some files & folders like caches & lockdown which makes iPhone able to activate in iTunes without a SIM card.
Video Tutorial:

Ok, I show you How to Bypass icloud iphone 4 right now

Step 1:   Entering DFU Mode 

Plug your device into your computer with a USB cable.

Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Run SSH.jar

Wait when SHH run ok
Download SSH: Here

Step 3: Open WinSCP.exe

        Host: localhost or
Port: 2022
User: root
Pass: alpine
Download WinSCP: Here

Step 4: Mount

Type > Excute
Delete in folder /mnt1\Applications
Copy file in folder Lockdown to folder: mnt2\root\Library\Lockdown
Download Lockdown: Here

Now you need reset on your iphone


you just exit Recovery mode by TinyUmbrella or Reiboot
Watch video Exit Recovery mode:
Watch Post Exit Recovery mode: Here

All file you need Here

Read more at:

If you are looking for bypass icloud:
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Minacriss Bypass iCloud SERVER working ios 7.1.1 and lower | New Update 2016

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Minacriss Update 7-01-2016

NOTE : Minacriss is back on removals services and icloud bypass we will keep updating the info. ADD Host file / mac or windows 

Server IP ( NEW HOST )

Please read this note:

Bypass for iOS 7.1.1 or lower for wifi only devices 40$ send payment and udid to paypal if you have gsm idevices check the video how to fix the activation loop CHECK FOR UPDATES WILL BE POST HERE How it works! Open your host file 
For Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
For Mac:

And paste this.


For GSM device this is the tutorial to do for activation loop sim with pin code trick


New Method bypass iCloud | Only iTunes get idevice information, phone number, udid, serial

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How bypass itunes easy method find phone number if you still have the card on sim tray

this will show you how easy is bypass itunes in just 3 or 4 steps . this video is so simple make me think apple is getting so many bugs in the last releases.

bypass itunes is possible by many other methods , since xampp and fiddler but nothing have done using this methods . you just need go music , playlist , press iphone, ipad icon in the side tab , and again playlist on your idevice. Add new paylist drop any song . easy right ? then you just type DONE . go to summary in your iphone icon like the video tutorial show . Thats it. you bypass itunes. Also you can see your idevice information, phone number, udid, serial. follow this videos steps how bypass itunes easy method find phone number.



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How to Remove\ Bypass iCloud iPad Air 2 - 4G

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This  instrucstion is only for model Ipad Air 2 with 3G-module. After applying of it you will  get ipad Air 2 Wi-Fi , but WiFi, Bluetooth willn’t Work on stock firmware.
To enable WiFi you need iOS  with jailbreak to replace some files.

If you can find instructions for other models of ipad: Here
iPad Air 2 - 4G has IMEI on back side. Model A1567 – GSM . 

Intruction for unlocking
Warning! Be careful. If you are unsure of your skills , entrust this work to professionals. Good luck!

Disassemble your tablet. Disconnect the battery . Take out the motherboard.
Now we have to find resistors responsible for boder_id. Remove them, you will turn off the modem and change identity of your iPad.
1.     On Model A1567 (GSM) make jumper on marked  place.
2.     Tablet enter DFU mode.
3.     Connect the tablet to your PC or Mac.
4.     After that you need to restore the tablet through iTunes with firmware  of Wi-Fi model  and activate using the official method.
5.     Turn off the automatic firmware update : Setting\ iTunes Store, App Store\ Automatic download\Updates.

Enabling WiFi and Bluetooth on iOS 9
1.     Download file: Here         
2.     Install iOS 9 on iPad Air2.
3.     Do jailbreak, install Cydia.
4.     Connect iPad to internet though Bluetooth on phone.
5.     Download and install iFile and afc2add from Cydia.
6.     Open ifile on iPad Air 2.
7.     Go to directory “usr/share/firmware/wifi/C-4350 __ s-C2/’’. Backup all file there and replace them by files archive.
Reload iPad Air 2.


iOS 9.1 - iOS 9.2 Bypass iCloud Activation lock | DNS Bypass

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New Bypass iCloud | How to Build Root CFW iPhone 5,2 - iOS 9.1

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New Bypass iCloud | How to Build Root CFW iPhone 5,2 - iOS 9.1
( no restore with itunes).

Link all file:

Restore CFW iPhone 5,2 - iOS 9.1:

Read more here:


Bypass iCloud | Restore CFW iPhone 5,2 - iOS 9.1 Step by Step

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Bypass iCloud | Restore CFW iPhone 5,2 - iOS 9.1 Step by Step
Restore iphone 5,2 cfw ios 9.1

copy your customfirmware iOS 9.1 and 'pxp.ds_store' file into 'FCE' folder

get your UDID iphone

 ok Restore now!

Link all file:

Find UDID of Locked iPhone:

Bypass iCloud | How to Build Root CFW iPhone 5,2 - iOS 9.1:

Read more here:


Find UDID of Locked iPhone on Windows For iCloud Removal and iOS Activation

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Find UDID of Locked iPhone on Windows For iCloud Removal and iOS Activation


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